15th Session Press Releases

5 June 2009

International Seabed Authority Ends Fifteenth Session (SB-15-17)

Seabed Authority Concludes Fifteenth Session In Kingston; Leaves Two Outstanding Issues of Draft Sulphide Regulations for Next Session (SB-15-16)

4 June 2009

Council Nears Resolution on Outstanding Issues; Agrees on Language for Regulations 24 and 28; Seeks Compromise on Overlapping Claims (SB-15-15)

Seabed Adopts Recommendations of Finance Committee; Completes Debate on Secretary-General’s Report and Considers Commonwealth Secretariat’s Request for Observer Status (SB-15-14)

3 June 2009

 Seabed Council Adopts Regulation on Application Fees (SB-15-13)

Council Considers Revised Proposals on Outstanding Issues; Remembers Victims of Air France Flight 447 (SB-15-12)

2 June 2009

Council Makes some Progress on Outstanding Issues: Debate Continues on Regulations 12 and 23; Informal Working Groups Aiding Consensus Building (SB-15-11)

Corrigendum to SB-15-10

Seabed Authority Organises Briefing for Members and Observers attending its Fifteenth Session (SB-15-10)

1 June 2009

Council Resolves some Outstanding Issues related to the Regulations on Sulphides (SB-15-9)

Seabed Council Continues Deliberations on Sulphides Regulations as ISA 15th Session enters Second Week (SB-15-8)

Corrigendum to SB-15-7 

29 May 2009

Seabed Council gets Reports from Legal and Technical Commission and Finance Committee; Begins Review of Outstanding Issues in Draft Regulations (SB-15-7)

28 May 2009

Corrigendum to SB-15-6

Seabed Assembly hears 22 speakers as it continues debate on Secretary-General's Report on the work of the Authority (SB-15-6)

Seabed Assembly hears first report of new Secretary-General and hears address from Jamaica's Deputy Prime Minister (SB-15-5)

25 May 2009

Ambassador Mahmoud Samy (Egypt) President of the Seabed Council for 2009 (SB-15-4)

Ambassador Mario José Pino of Argentina President of Seabed Assembly for 2009 (SB-15-3)

Seabed Authority Begins Fifteenth Session in Kingston, Elects Assembly and Council Presidents and Adopts Agendas (SB-15-2) 

16 May 2009

Seabed Authority to finalise regulatory regimes for prospecting and exploration for polymetallic sulphides and ferromanganese crusts (SB-15-1)