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Year Event Reference 

 (July) Immediately prior to the twelfth session, the Authority convenes 

an international workshop on technical and economic considerations relating to mining of polymetallic sulphides and cobalt‐rich 

ferromanganese crusts. A summary of the workshop recommendations is presented to the Council. 


 (August) During the twelfth session, the Secretariat presents a paper to 

the Commission on the outcomes of the workshop held in March 2006 on cobalt‐rich crusts and the diversity and distribution patterns of seamount fauna. 


 The Council resumes consideration of the draft regulations, which still 

covers both resources. The Secretariat provides additional clarification on critical issues, as requested by the Council, and provides a technical briefing, with the assistance of experts. 

ISBA/12/C/2, Parts I‐III ISBA/12/C/3, Parts I and II 


 The Russian Federation submits a draft proposal relating to the draft 



 By the end of the twelfth session, the Council decides to request the 

Secretariat to further revise the draft regulations in the light of the outcomes of the technical workshop and of the presentations, proposals and discussions of the Council. The Council decides further that separate sets of regulations will be prepared for polymetallic sulphides and cobalt‐rich ferromanganese crusts, and that the draft regulations on polymetallic sulphides should be circulated to the members of the Legal and Technical Commission before the end of 2006, so that the Council can be in a position to give them substantive consideration in 2007. 


2007 (May) The Secretariat prepares a revised text of the draft crusts 

regulations, together with an explanatory note. The revised draft is based on document ISBA/10/C/WP.1/Rev.1, with technical adjustments in line with the recommendations made by the workshop on technical and economic considerations relating to both resources. The main substantive changes relate to a new formula for determining the size of the exploration area, the relinquishment schedule and the participation by the Authority.  


 (July) The Legal and Technical Commission begins consideration of the 

draft regulations on cobalt‐rich ferromanganese crusts prepared by the Secretariat. The Commission focuses its consideration on two sensitive issues, the size of the area to be allocated for exploration and the progressive fee system, but considers that the background information available to date is not sufficient to provide a recommendation to the Council on any given system for site allocation for prospecting and exploration. 


2008 The Secretariat prepares a review of outstanding issues relating to the 

draft sulphides regulations and containing suggested language. This also serves for the draft crusts regulations under review by the Commission. 


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