Office of Resources and Environmental Monitoring

The Office of Resources and Environment Monitoring (OREM) is the economic arm of the Authority’s Secretariat providing scientific and technical inputs in the preparation of rules, regulations and procedures for the conduct of activities in the Area.

The OREM is also responsible for the development and maintenance of information technology facilities to support needs of the Authority and the central data repository resources of the international seabed area and endeavours to promote and encourage the conduct of marine scientific research in the Area, producing and distributing publications on the work of the Authority and monitoring trends and developments of deep seabed mining activities relating to the prospecting and exploration of the Area including areas reserved for the Authority.


Name Position Nationality
Mulsow, Sandor Head Chile
Jauhari, Pratima Marine Geologist India
Mwango, Chapi Mineral Economist Canada
Sombo, Jean-Baptiste Information Technology Manager Cote d'Ivoire
Bräger, Stefan Marine Biologist Germany
Gregory, Shanique  Administrative Assistant Jamaica
Lewis, Jason Information Technology Assistant Jamaica