Central Data Repository

The newly developed ISA Deep Data was launched in July 2019 at the Authority's 25th Session.

It holds centralized data of public and private information on marine mineral resources acquired from various institutions worldwide.  The Authority uses this data to standardize and evaluate data for quantitative mineral assessments. The integrated database system will be developed for use as a management and research tool that will be made accessible to authorized representatives of member States, scientists and researchers to further assist the Authority in its mandated work.

The original CDR was established in 2000 to allow for the creation of uniform data formats and useful summaries made accessible to authorized users. As a preliminary phase, the Secretariat has assembled information concerning the form and availability of relevant data within 18 institutions worldwide. It commenced the project in 2001 with the collection of data and information related to polymetallic nodules and ferromanganese crusts. The data collection was enriched in late 2002 with the receipt of data pertaining to hydrothermal vent systems and polymetallic sulphides. The Authority also holds the following databases:

  • Seabed Patents [Volumes 1-5] and [Volumes 6-10].   
  • ISA Library Catalogue. The catalogue comprises 2000+ books, monographs, reports as well as specialized periodical titles and annuals.
  • Bibliographic Database. The database contains references to scientific papers.