Contractor Training

Contractors with the Authority have a legal obligation to provide and fund training opportunities for trainees from developing States and the personnel of the Authority.

The legal basis for the requirement stems from the provisions of the Convention and the 1994 Agreement and is set out in the standard terms of contracts. The purpose of the obligation is to ensure that personnel from developing States are provided with appropriate operational expertise to enable them to participate in deep seabed mining.

The training programme is generally formulated following negotiations between the Authority and the contractor, in accordance with the recommendations for guidance issued by the Legal and Technical Commission, and included as schedule 3 of the contract for exploration. 

From 2013 to date, a total of 45 training places were provided by nine contractors. The types of training include at-sea training, engineering training, fellowship training, master’s and PhD programmes and workshop internship. 

All short-term training opportunities for suitable candidates from developing States provided by ISA Contractors will be listed on this site.

For individual contractor training information, look at the right sidebar under Training and click the individual contractor.




  • IOM  multidisciplinary training ( 2018, 2 trainees)
  • Ifremer Internship (2018, 2 trainees)
  • GSR, Seminar (2018, 2 trainees)
  • GSR, Fellowship (Rhodes Aca.)(2018, 2 trainees)
  • BGR At-Sea Training (2018, 2 trainees)
  • COMRA Engineering Training (2018, 2 trainees)
  • JOGMEC At-Sea Training (2018, 4 trainees)
  • MOF, Republic of Korea At-Sea Training (2018, 4 trainees)
  • Ifremer Internship (2017, 2 trainees)
  • Ifremer At-Sea (2017, 1 trainee)
  • GSR, Seminar (2017, 1 trainee)
  • GSR, Fellowship (Rhodes Aca.)(2017, 1 trainee)
  • COMRA Fellowship Training (2017, 3 trainees)
  • BGR At-Sea Training (2017, 4 trainees)
  • Russian Federation At-Sea Training (2017, 5 trainees)
  • MOF, Republic of Korea At-Sea Training (2017, 2 trainees)
  • Ifremer Internships (2016, 5 trainees)
  • COMRA At-Sea Training (2016, 5 trainees)
  • JOGMEC At-Sea Training (2016, 5 trainees)
  • BGR At-Sea Training (2015, 6 trainees)
  • COMRA Fellowship Training (2015, 2 trainees)
  • TOML At-Sea Training (2 trainees)
  • NORI Workshop training opportunities (2015, 2 trainees)
  • COMRA Engineering Training (2015, 2 trainees)
  • JOGMEC At-Sea Training (2015, 3 trainees)
  • Russian Federation At-Sea Training (2015, 2 trainees)
  • BGR At-Sea Training ( 2014, 2 trainees)
  • COMRA At-Sea Training (2014, 4 trainees)
  • TOML At-Sea Training (2013, 2 trainees )


  • The required qualifications are according to the various training programmes and may vary in most instances


Application and Nominations forms can be downloaded from the individual contractor training pages (See right side tab of this page which lists the training activities available by country). 

  • Nomination Form  (to be completed by the nominating government)
  • Application Form  (to be completed by the candidate)

All Nomination and Application forms must be submitted in electronic format to: in one of the official languages of the Authority.