Glosario Científico

El glosario de términos y las abreviaturas correspondientes pertenecen a la Autoridad Internacional de los Fondos Marinos así como los documentos que producen.

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Oxygen Minimum Zone

A water layer present in all oceans at depths between 400 and 1,000m, caused by the sinking and degrading by bacteria of organicmatter produced in the surface ocean. The oxygen scarcity can cause particulate metals to dissolve. Often abbreviated to OMZ.


A substance that has undergone oxidation. Opposite of reduced.


Chemical transformation of a substance by combining it with oxygen or through the loss of hydrogen or electrons. Opposite ofreduction.


Containing oxygen. Compare to anoxic and hypoxic.


Any living entity.


Pertaining to, or derived from, biological material. Opposite of inorganic.


An intermediate level of taxonomic classification containing one or more Families forming a subgroup of a Class.


Oxygen Minimum Zone.


Low in nutrients. Compare to eutrophic


Pertaining to the water column seaward of the shelf break. Compare to neritic.