Glossaire Scientifique

Glossaire des termes et des abréviations pertinentes à l'Autorité internationale des fonds marins et à ses documents.
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Lagrangian Measurement

Measurement of the motion of a fluid by tracing the path traveled by that fluid. Compare to Eularian measurements.

Legal and Technical Commission

The Legal and Technical Commission comprises 22 members elected by the Council of the International Seabed Authority on the basis of their qualifications in the fields of mineral resources, oceanography, protection of the marine environment, or economic or legal matters relating to ocean mining. Members of the Commission are elected for a period of 5 years. The main functions of the Commission are to review applications for plans of work for exploration in the International Seabed Area and to advise the Council on such applications, as well as to make recommendations regarding protection of the marine environment and monitor compliance with the rules, regulations and procedures for exploration and exploitation of the seabed. Until such time as the Council decides otherwise, the Legal and Technical Commission is also to perform the functions of the Economic Planning Commission provided for under the Convention.


Labile Organic Matter


Legal and Technical Commission.