The Finance Committee

  • Finance Committee at the 25th Session (2018)

The Finance Committee was stipulated in the 1994 Part XI Agreement to oversee the financing and financial management of the Authority. The Committee consists of 15 members elected by the Assembly for a period of 5 years taking into account equitable geographical distribution among regional groups and representation of special interests and has a central role in the administration of the Authority’s financial and budgetary arrangements. 

Members are expected to have qualifications relevant to financial matters who are involved in make recommendations on financial rules, regulations and procedures of the organs of the Authority, its program of work as well as the assessed contributions of its member states. 

The Finance Committee meets during the annual session of the Authority and tables its report on the budget of the Authority to the Assembly. 

At its 22nd Session in 2016, the following were elected for a five year term of office from 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2021.

In 2017, two members Olivier Guyonvarch (France) and Koteswara M. Rao (India) resigned and were replaced by Didier Ortolland and Yedla Umasankar respectively.

MEMBERS (2017-2021)

Ahila SORNARAJAH, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Andrzej PRZYBYCIN, Poland [Chair]
David WILKENS, Germany
Didier ORTOLLAND, France
Duncan M. LAKI, Uganda
Frida María ARMAS-PFIRTER, Argentina
Hiroshi ONUMA, Japan
Kenneth WONG, Canada
Kerry-Ann SPAULDING, Jamaica
Konstantin G. MURAVIOV, Russian Federation
Mehdi REMAOUN,  Algeria 1
Niyan Lin AUNG, Myanmar
Reinaldo STORANI, Brazil
Yedla UMASANKAR, India
Zhi SUN, China

1  Mr. Waweru relinquished his seat in the Finance Committee after serving two and a half years (2017-2019) in favour of Mehdi Remaoun (Algeria).

Operational Rules of Procedure of the Finance Committee