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22nd Session 2016

SB-22-9 (SB-22-9 ) - 18/07/2016

Seabed Council Puts Forward Two Candidates for Election of Secretary-General; Approves Six Exploration Contract Extensions; Begins LTC Election Debate

SB-22-8 (SB-22-8 ) - 18/07/2016

Seabed Council Approves Plan of Work for Crusts Exploration by the Republic of Korea; Delays Approval of Five-Year Extension of Six Exploration Contracts

SB-22-7 (SB-22-7 ) - 15/07/2016

Seabed Council Concludes Discussion on Work of Legal and Technical Commission for 2016; Takes Note of Report

SB-22-6 (SB-22-6 ) - 14/07/2016

Seabed Council Hears Report of Finance Committee; Approves by Decision US$17 million budget for Authority for 2017-2018; Recommends Working Capital Fund Increase to $660,000

SB-22-5 (SB-22-5 ) - 13/07/2016

Seabed Council Approves Agreement of Cooperation Between Authority and International Hydrographic Organization; Completes Discussion on Three Agenda Items; Elects Two More Vice Presidents

SB-22-4 (SB-22-4 ) - 12/07/2016

Dr. Mariusz Orion Jędrysek, PhD (Poland) President of Seabed Council for 2016

SB-22-3 (SB-22-3 ) - 12/07/2016

Rear Admiral MD. Khurshed Alam (Retd) (Bangladesh) President of Seabed Assembly for 2016

SB-22-2 (SB-22-2 ) - 12/07/2016

International Seabed Authority Opens Twenty-Second Annual Session in Kingston with Agenda, Including Development of Mineral Exploitation, Regulations and Elections of a Secretary-General and New Members of Various Organs

SB-22-1 (SB-22-1 ) - 04/07/2016

ISA 22nd Session Background Release

21st Session 2015

SB-21-17 (SB-21-17 ) - 27/07/2015

International Seabed Authority Concludes Twenty-First Session - Roundup

SB-21-16 (SB-21-16 ) - 27/07/2015

Seabed Authority Concludes Twenty-First Session

SB-21-15 (EN ) - 24/07/2015

Council Agrees on Criteria for Approved Contract Extensions; Takes Note of Plans for Exploitation Regulations; Adopts Recommendations of Finance Committee

SB-21-14 (SB-21-14 ) - 23/07/2015

Seabed Council Discusses LTC Elections and Contract Extension

SB-21-13 (SB-21-13 ) - 23/07/2015

Assembly Concludes Debate on Secretary-General's Report; Continues Discussion on Periodic Review of the International Regime of the Area

SB-21-12 (SB-21-12 ) - 22/07/2015

Assembly Notes Report of Finance Committee; Continues Discussion of Secretary-General's Annual Report

SB-21-11 (SB-21-11 ) - 22/07/2015

International Seabed Aufhority Assembly Begins Two-Day Debate on Annual Report of its Secretary-General

SB-21-10 (SB-21-10 ) - 21/07/2015

Seabed Authority Begins Work on Exploitation Regulations

SB-21-9 (SB-21-9 ) - 21/07/2015

Seabed Council Approves China's Nodules Exploration Contract; Discusses Financial Implications of Developing Exploitation Regulations; Takes Note of Reports on Cooperation with Other Organizations

SB-21-8 (SB-21-8 ) - 19/07/2015

Council Completes Lengthy Debate on LTC Report; No Consensus on Procedures and Criteria for Extension of Contracts Due to Expire

SB-21-7 (SB-21-7 ) - 16/07/2015

ISA Council Hears Report on Work of the Legal and Technical Commission During 2015 Session; Begins Debate on Report