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21st Session 2015

SB-21-6 (SB-21-6 ) - 16/07/2015

ISA Council Takes Note of Report of Finance Committee; Continues Debate on Procedures and Criteria for Extending Exploration Contracts Soon To Expire

SB-21-5 (SB-21-5 ) - 16/07/2015

ISA Council Begins Debate on Exploration Contract Extension; Hears Status Report on Contracts for Exploration and National Legislation of Member States on Activities in the Seabed Area

SB-21-4 (SB-21-4 ) - 14/07/2015

Peter Thomson (Fiji) President of the Seabed Council for 2015 [Biographical Note]

SB-21-3 (SB-21-3 ) - 14/07/2015

Helmut Tuerk (Austria) President of Seabed Assembly for 2015 [Biographical Note]

SB-21-2 (SB-21-2 ) - 14/07/2015

International Seabed Authority Opens Twenty-First Session in Kingston with its Assembly and Council Electing their Presidents and Adopting Agendas

SB-21-1 (SB-21-1 ) - 01/07/2015

21st Session : Backgrounder

20th Session 2014

SB-20-13 (23 July 2014 ) - 03/12/2014

International Seabed Authority's Assembly Begins Two Day Discussion of Annual Report of Secretary-General

SB-20-17 (28 July 2014 ) - 28/07/2014

International Seabed Authority Ends Historic Session; Makes exploitation regulations and extension of exploration contracts top priority for 2015 session; Adopts budget for 2015-2016 and Elects 17 Council members

SB-20-15 (24 July 2014 ) - 24/07/2014

Seabed Authority Assembly Completes Debate of Annual Report; Importance of Formulation of Draft Procedures for Exploration Contracts Extensoin Stressed by Some Delegations

SB-20-12 (23 July 2014 ) - 23/07/2014

 Seabed Council Adopts Decision on Summary Report of Legal and Technical Commisison; Concludes Work at Authority's Twentieth Session

SB-20-14 (23 July 2014 ) - 23/07/2014

Assembly Continues Discussion on Secretary-General's Annual Report; Hears Jamaica Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

SB-20-16 (24 July 2014 ) - 23/07/2014

Seabed Authority Concludes Twentieth Anniversary Session; Assembly Elects 17 Council Members

SB-20-11 (22 July 2014 ) - 22/07/2014

International Seabed Authority Marks Twentieth Anniversary; Hears Prime Minister of Jamaica; Message from UN Secretary-General and Statements  by Current and First Secretary-General of the Authority and Others

SB-20-9 (21 july 2014 ) - 21/07/2014

Seabed Council Approves Seven Plans of Work for Exploration in Seabed Area; Brazil Submits Proposal on Extension of Exploratory Contracts

SB-20-10 (21 July 2014 ) - 21/07/2014

Seabed Council to take up Decision on LTC Report at Meeting on Wednesday; Discusses Note on Collective Agreement with OSPAR

SB-20-8 (18 July 2014 ) - 18/07/2014

Seabed Council continues discussion on LTC Report; Gets explanatory note on key components of exploration regulatory framework; Adoptes amendments to two Regulations

SB-20-6 (17 July 2014 ) - 17/07/2014

Seabed Authority's Proposed Budget for 2015-2016 Features New Income Section; Council Discusses Increased Workload of Seabed Authority and Efforts at Cost Savings

SB-20-7 (17 July 2014 ) - 17/07/2014

Seabed Council Adoptes Draft Decision on Financial and Budgetary Matters Based on Recommendations of Finance Committee; Hears Report of Legal and Technical Commission

SB-20-5 (16 July 2014 ) - 16/07/2014

Council discusses reports on prospecting and contracts for exploration of minerals, and national legislation on activities in the seabed area

SB-20-2 (15 July 2014 ) - 15/07/2014

International Seabed Authority Opens Historic Twentieth Session in Kingston; Elects Presidents and Adopts Agenda