COMRA Training Programmes

UPDATE 1 August 2017  NEW

The following candidates have been selected for the 2017 training positions:

  1. Md. Bazlar Rashid (Bangladesh)
  2. Mariana Benites (Brazil)
  3. Gor Gevorgyan (Armenia)


  1. Solomon Felix Dan (Nigeria)
  2. Rasaq Haruna (Nigeria)
  3. Sihem Akli (Algeria)


2017   CLOSED     

The China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (COMRA) is offering three (3) training positions to candidates from developing countries. The training will be for a duration of three (3) months and is scheduled to commence in September 2017.  The candidates will receive comprehensive training in the fields of:

  • Geo-oceanography, 
  • Biology and, 
  • Environment.

The training will take place at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou city, the capital city of Guangdong province. It will be conducted by the Guangzhou Bureau of Marine Geological Survey, a key member of COMRA.  

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Education: Bachelor degree in geology, geo-physics, marine environment (including biology and ecology) or equivalent.
  2. Language: sufficient knowledge of English
  3. Health: proof of being in good health
  4. Age: under 45 years of age
  5. Other: proof of some capability of performing some research and management.

COMRA will cover the cost of an international round-trip economy class airfare ♦ transportation to and from the airport ♦ meals and accommodation during the training in China ♦ and costs for the courses and field trip.

Applications should be submitted by email in one of the official languages of the International Seabed Authority to  by 31 March 2017 deadline.

Applications must be accompanied by:

a)    Application form (docx | pdf) to be completed by the applicant;
b)    Nomination form (docx | pdf) to be completed by the institution or governmental department; 
c)    Certificate of degree;
d)    Proof of sufficient knowledge of English.

Issue date: 3 March 2017

COMRA At-Sea Training Programme | July-Sept 2016

UPDATE [15 March 2016]

Group A - Geological survey 
First-ranked candidates : Mr. Noah Awuntigi (Ghana), Mr. Johnmark Isarua Homu (Papua New Guinea)
Alternates: 1. Ms. Sutharat Srirod (Thailand); 2. Mr. Batbayar Batkhuu (Mongolia); 3. Mr. Bamidele Samuel Oresajo (Nigeria); 4. Mr. Inkiba Batoko Arséne  (D.R. Congo); 5. Mr. Thet Naing Win (Myanmar); 6. Mr. Jeff Baya Nshimba (D.R. Congo); 7. Ms. Martine Joseph (Haiti)

Group B - Environmental survey
First-ranked candidates : Mr. Fidele Kouilga Yameogo  (Burkina Faso); Ms. Alanna Smith (Cook Islands)
Alternates: 1. Mr. Gor Gevorgyan (Armenia); 2. Mr. Naftaly Nyakundi (Kenya); 3. Mr. Christopher Esquea (Dominica Republic); 4. Mr. Tiago Maximiano (Brazil); 5. Ms. Nadine Fatou Quattara (Burkina Faso); 6. Mr. Jhonsley Eurica Romain (Haiti); 

Group C - Geophysical survey
First-ranked candidate : Ms. Elizabeth A. Pérez González (Mexico)
Alternates: 1. Mr. Mohamed Moawed Abou-Mahmoud (Egypt); 2. Mr. Newdeskarl Saint Fleur (Haiti); 3. Ms. Ana Clara Coni Mello (Brazil); 4. Mr. Mike Ken (Papua New Guinea); 5. Mr. Django Mady Coulibaly (Mali)

* ---------------------------- *

COMRA is offering 5 places in its At-Sea Training Programme to candidates from developing countries. The five trainees will be attached to the Hai Yang Liu Hao research vessel and will be dividied into three groups - 2 trainees will undertake geological survey methods and samples processing technology, 2 doing environmental survey methods and samples processing technology, and 1 doing geophysical survey methods. COMRA will provide travel, accommodation and medical insurance costs. Members of the Authority are invited to nominate qualified candidates, who must be from developing countries. 

  • Deadline for Applications: 31 December 2015
  • Application Form  docx | pdf
  • Nomination Form  docx | pdf


COMRA On-Land Training Programmes in 2015 [CLOSED]

On-Land training programmes will entail providing training opportunities for four trainees in 2015. Two trainees from developing states will be trained in a fellowship programme (5 months March-July 2015) and a further two will be trained in an engineering programme (6 weeks March-April 2015).

Detailed On-Land Programme
- Application Form: docx | pdf
- Nomination Form: docx | pdf

First Ranked Candidates - Fellowship Training Programme [25 February 2015]:

  1. Mr. Reinier Giralt Ortega (Cuba)
  2. Mr. Taufan Wiguna (Indonesia)

Other Alternate Candidates

  1. First Alternate: Ms. Natalia Amezcua Torres (Mexico)
  2. Mr. Victor Lopes (Brazil)
  3. Mr. Md. Minhaj Monir (Bangladesh)
  4. Mr. Mohamed AlyElsayedAly Hassan (Egypt)

First Ranked Candidates - Engineering Training Programme [25 February 2015]:

  1. Ms. Natia Chomakhidze (Georgia)
  2. Mr. Prithivi Dass Bissessur (Mauritius)

Alternate Candidates

  1. First alternate: Mr. Andriharizafy Rantosoa (Madagascar)
  2. Mr. Dramane Traore (Mali)
  3. Mr. Tris Handoyo (Indonesia)
  4. Mr. Chinedu Okweze (Nigeria)
  5. Mr. Mohammad Hossain Mahtab (Bangladesh)
  6. Mr. Afif Widaryanto (Indonesia

At-Sea training programme from January to March 2014. COMRA will provide training opportunities for four scientists - in two groups, two per group) onboard its upcoming 30th exploration cruise, on Legs 2 or 3.
[Detailed at-sea programme]

Selected Candidates [17 July 2013]:

  1. Dieudonne Tchokona Seuwui (Cameroon)
  2. Gerald Mwila (Zambia)
  3. Tearinaki Tanielu (Kiribati)
  4. Analia Veronica Serra (Argentina)

Alternate Candidates
[should any of the above candidates be unable to participate]:

  1. Apichai Kanchanapant (Thailand)
  2. Tiena Rongo (Cook Islands)
  3. Apitida Wasuwatcharapong (Thailand)
  4. Robert Kibiwot (Kenya)