Personal History

Please answer each question clearly and completely. Read carefully and follow all directions.  Please also note that the International Seabed Authority does not share or sell your personal information

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Entry into the International Seabed Authority service might require assignment to any area of the world in which the Authority might have responsibilities
Child Info
Relative Info
Knowledge Of Languages
For clerical grades only. Indicate speed in words per minute
EDUCATION, Give full details – N.B. Please give exact titles of degrees in original language. Please do not translate or equate to other degrees.

A. University or equivalent

C. SCHOOLS OR OTHER FORMAL TRAINING OR EDUCATION FROM AGE 14 (e.g., high school, technical school or apprenticeship)


Starting with your present post, list in REVERSE ORDER every employment you have had. Use a separate block for each post. Include also service in the armed forces and note any period during which you were not gainfully employed.  If you need more space, please upload additional details as an attachment at the end of the form.  In the salaries per annum fields, please also indicate the currency of both the starting and final gross salaries.


REFERENCES: List three persons, not related to you, and are not current United Nations staff members, who are familiar with your character and qualifications.
Do not repeat names of supervisors listed under Item 27.

Give full particulars of each case in an attached statement

I certify that the statements made by me in answer to the foregoing questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any misrepresentation or material omission made on a Personal History form or other document requested by the International Seabed Authority renders a staff member of the Authority liable to termination or dismissal.

N.B. You will be requested to supply documentary evidence which supports the statements you have made above. Do not, however, send any documentary evidence until you have been asked to do so by the International Seabed Authority and, in any event, do not submit the original texts of references or testimonials unless they have been obtained for the sole use of the Authority.

Upload resumes, statements or any other supporting documents. Click 'Choose file' repeatedly to add multiple files.