ISA-Egypt Joint Training and Research Centre

ISA and the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries of Egypt are collaborating to establish a joint regional training and research centre, as approved by the Assembly of ISA at its 28th session (July 2023). This centre will focus on enhancing capacity development, marine scientific research, and technology transfer in the Middle East and Africa.


The proposal for this initiative came from the Group of African States at ISA, emphasizing the need for tailored training programs to meet the specific requirements of member states in the region.

Following the adoption of ISBA/28/A/13 during the 28th session of the Assembly, the ISA-Egypt JTRC will be established as the first regional joint training and research centre in Alexandria (Egypt).

The joint centre will be affiliated with the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries of Egypt, located in Alexandria, and will be funded through contributions from development partners and donations.

The ISA-Egypt JTRC will serve as a hub for various functions, including offering comprehensive training programs in marine science and technology, conducting collaborative research projects, organizing conferences and seminars, and promptly disseminating research findings. It will also foster technical cooperation with other states, especially focusing on developing countries and those with unique geographical challenges.

A steering committee will be established to provide guidance to the director of the centre, who will oversee daily operations.

  • Promote training and capacity-building opportunities and programmes developed for nationals of developing States in activities relating to the seabed.
  • Stimulate and advance the conduct of marine scientific research by developing States.
  • Foster cooperation in marine scientific research and technological development, including, where feasible and appropriate, the transfer of marine technology.
  • Increase the participation of developing States in activities in the Area.
  • Develop and implement specific activities and programmes to advance women’s empowerment and leadership in deep-sea research.
  • Provision of training programmes in marine science and technology, as well as in techniques for marine scientific research, that are designed to facilitate the full participation of developing States in activities in the Area, including, where appropriate, training programmes to be provided by contractors under exploration or exploitation contracts with the Authority.
  • Conduct of collaborative research programmes related to the latest developments and trends concerning activities in the Area.
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums relating to marine scientific research in the Area and activities in the Area.
  • Prompt dissemination of the results of marine scientific and technological research in easily accessible publications.
  • Foster technical cooperation with other States, especially with developing countries, including least developed States, landlocked developing States and geographical disadvantaged States and small island developing States.
  • Other functions as agreed by both parties.

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