Calling all former participants of ISA capacity development programmes

Join the ISA – Capacity Development Alumni Network (iCAN)

The ISA Secretariat is inviting all former participants of any ISA capacity development programmes to become a member of the ISA – Capacity Development Alumni Network, (iCAN).


The duty of ISA to design and implement mechanisms to build capacity for developing States is in accordance with article 144 of UNCLOS, as implemented through the 1994 Agreement, and requires ISA to take measures to acquire technology and scientific knowledge relating to activities in the Area and promote and encourage the transfer to developing States of such technology and scientific knowledge so that all States parties benefit therefrom. The duty to meet developing States needs in developing mechanism, including capacity building programmes, is further recognized and addressed in the Strategic Plan of ISA for the period 2019–2023 (ISBA/24/A/10) within strategic direction 5 (Build capacity for developing States) and Strategic direction 6 (Ensure fully integrated participation by developing States).

This has been further consolidated with the adoption in 2022 of the ISA Capacity Development Strategy (ISBA/27/A/5) and particularly in relation to the need to establish an alumni network of former ISA trainees (output 3 D).

In this context, iCAN aims to not only at promote and encourage the transfer of technology to developing States, but also ensure the expansion of opportunities for participation in activities in the Area. Additionally, iCAN, allows monitoring the midterm and long-term impact of training provided and enabling the Secretariat to use the expertise of former participants and trainees, where possible, as mentors, experts or consultants. Consequently, this is a step towards the Authority providing for the equitable sharing of financial and other economic benefits derived from activities in the Area.


iCAN contributes to 3 main areas, respectively: (i) developing human resources, (ii) monitoring impact and (iii) enabling collaboration. Consequently, the objectives of iCAN are to:

  • Develop human resources to ensure ownership and transfer of expertise and knowledge, including scientific knowledge relating to activities in the area;
  • Monitor the mid-term and long-term impacts of training provided;
  • Enable the Secretariat to access and leverage the expertise of former participants and trainees, where possible, as mentors, experts or consultants.b

Eligibility criteria for individuals to join the Alumni Network

To qualify to join the iCAN, all potential candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Successfully completed a training or capacity development programme offered by ISA;
  • Willingness to be part of the alumni network and to contribute to activities and projects of ISA, where relevant;
  • Fill the application form, agree to the terms of membership and submit the completed application form.

*Note to former CTP trainees only. If the training was completed more than five years ago, candidates are required to submit within 1 month of joining the alumni network a second report that assesses the long-term benefits they have gained from the training as per ISA/19/LTC/14

Membership benefits

  • Networking opportunities with other professionals in the deep seabed mining industry.
  • Access to ISA library resources.
  • Opportunities to participate in alumni network activities, such as workshops, conferences, and online forums.
  • Opportunities to participate and where possible contribute to the work of ISA during international events such as World Oceans Day, International Women’s Day, events at international conferences, national workshops, and other deep seabed initiatives.
  • Free access to at least one module of ISA Deep Dive Course (Deep Dive 1).
  • Be a part of the future talent pool!

Become a member of iCAN today

As a former participants or trainee of ISA capacity development programmes, initiatives or activities, you have a unique opportunity to be part of this exciting initiative. iCAN is more than just a network; it’s a platform for growth, collaboration, and making a lasting impact on the future of deep seabed matters.

How to join

To register to be a member of iCAN, fill out the membership application form.

*Note: Applications to iCAN are currently closed and will be reopened at a later date. Please continue to monitor the website to know when applications to iCAN will be reopened. The Secretariat thanks you for your interest in joining the Alumni Network and looks forward to receiving your application in the next cycle.

Formalization of enrolment

Once the application has been reviewed, ISA will send a formal confirmation to candidates who have successfully met the eligibility criteria and therefore accepted as members of the Alumni network.

We look forward to the officially launch event of iCAN to bring together a vibrant community of former capacity development participants and trainees who are passionate about the sustainable exploration and responsible management of the international seabed.

For any inquiries or more information, please reach out to