National Expert Deployment Programme

The ISA National Expert Deployment Programme aims to strengthen the technical capacity of national experts from ISA Member developing states in relation to activities undertaken in the Area. Such deployment, facilitated by ISA, provides the opportunity for officials from developing countries to be appointed on a special assignment in the ISA Secretariat for at least three months and gain hands-on experience on expert topics on the work of ISA to regulate and manage activities in the Area.


The main objectives of the ISA National Expert Deployment Programme are to:

  • respond to specific needs identified by ISA Members in one or more areas of the work of ISA.
  • provide unique hands-on experience and technical skills to national experts deployed in highly specialized deep-seabed related disciplines and topics.
  • enable the ISA Secretariat to benefit from the experience and knowledge of such experts to advance specific tasks to advance strategic directions identified by the ISA Secretariat in the Strategic Plan1 and High-Level Action Plan 2019-2025.
  • build institutional capacities of national entities by transmitting enhanced expertise in deep-seabed related matters in a multilateral environment.

Deployment program highlights

  • Join the ISA Secretariat expert team to advance global research priorities in deep-sea related matters.
  • Gain direct exposure to multilateral discussions and processes on the co-management of global commons.
  • Work and liaise with a diverse and international team of experts.
  • Gain hands-on experience in marine scientific research, the law of the sea, ocean governance, blue economy and deep-sea exploration.
  • Contribute to the development of national policies and strategies on deep-seabed related matters.
  • Strengthen technical capacity through specialized training and experience.

Who can apply

  • Candidate must be a national of a developing States, Member of ISA, and a full-time employee of the releasing organization at the time of appointment and continue to receive their salary and benefits during the deployment from that organization.
  • Candidate must have a relevant degree (master’s level or equivalent) and fulfil requirements stipulated in the respective call for expert deployment.

Programme duration

Expert deployment opportunities are for a minimum period of 3 months, offering an immersive experience within the ISA Secretariat and into the work of other organs of ISA.


The ISA National Expert Deployment Programme is implemented on a cost recovery basis. This means that costs may vary depending on the length of the deployment, the country of origin, etc.

In principle, the average cost for a three-month deployment of one national expert varies between USD19,000 and USD25,000 which is born by a sponsoring organization or entity.

The Capacity Development Unit of the ISA Secretariat provides a comprehensive budget for each deployment agreed upon. Such budget structure typically comprises the cost of a return ticket from/to the country of origin of the selected expert, the visa costs and a stipend to cover living costs in Jamaica. A fixed administrative fee of 13 per cent is applied by the ISA Secretariat, which will provide desk space, IT and administrative support.

Contact information:

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National Expert Deployment programme