Senior Professional Officer Programme

The Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority has established a Senior Professional Officer Programme for senior professionals to serve in the different offices of the Secretariat (Office of the Secretary-General; Legal Affairs; Environmental Management and Mineral Resources; Administrative Services) as necessary.

The objectives of the SPOP are as follows:

(a) To enhance the development and capacity of the Authority by recruiting senior professionals who are qualified for senior-level positions.

(b) To provide senior professionals with an opportunity to provide high-level technical expertise and/or advice in areas where the Authority lacks resources or specific knowledge, and to contribute to the advancement and furtherance of the Authority’s mandate.

(c) To enable donors to provide on-the-job expertise in multilateral capacity-building for senior professionals and at the same time contribute to enhancing the Authority’s capacity development. The programme can also support specific goals in promoting and advancing priority areas of the Authority in accordance with its strategic plan.

Full details of the SPOP are contained in the Secretary-General’s bulletin ISBA/ST/SGB/2023/2, which is available on the Authority’s website at:

Senior Professional Officers will be recruited under memoranda of understanding concluded between the Secretariat and participating States. A model memorandum of understanding between the International Seabed Authority and a participating State can be found here.

Members of the Authority who may be interested to contribute to the Programme are invited to contact the Secretariat at In due course, the Executive Office of the Secretary-General will prepare and circulate an annual recruitment plan identifying Senior Professional Officer requirements and strategic priorities for the respective offices.


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