168 Member States + the European Union

  • Supreme/political organ
  • Power to establish general policies on any question or matter within the ISA competence
  • Approves budget
  • Approves regulations recommended by the Council

Finance Committee

  • 15 members including 5 largest contributors (as long as ISA depends on assessed contributions)
  • All financial and budgetary matters must be considered by finance committee


  • Organ of the ISA mandated to carry out activities in the Area directly
  • An Interim Director-General has been appointed to carry out the functions of the Enterprise


Secretary-General + Administrative and Technical Staff


  • Group A — Major consumers (4)
    China, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation
  • Group B — Major investors (4)
    France, Germany, India, Republic of Korea
  • Group C — Major exporters (4)
    Australia, Canada, Chile, South Africa
  • Group D — Developing States and special interests (6)
    Bangladesh, Brazil, Fiji, Jamaica, Lesotho, Uganda
  • Group E — Equitable geographic representation (20)
    Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Czechia, Ghana, Indonesia, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Spain, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago and United Kingdom
Legal and Technical Commission
Economic Planning Commission

  • Not currently operational. Functions carried out by LTC