Deep Dive

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An international and interactive e-learning programme

As an intergovernmental organization with the unique mandate under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to regulate and manage deep-seabed activities for the benefit of humankind in the Area, the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has a global network of diplomatic representatives, policymakers, world-class researchers and experts who provide participants of the Deep Dive e-learning programme with an exceptional and never before offered insight into the world of deep-seabed regulation, exploration and exploitation.

Deep Dive has been conceived to equip participants with specialized knowledge of the Area and insight into deep-seabed activities for optimal career success. It has been designed to catalyze worldwide international expertise in deep-seabed-related matters to produce a new generation of leaders and multitalented professionals who will contribute to the effective implementation of UNCLOS, the 1994 Agreement and, ultimately, the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at all levels.

The programme’s interdisciplinary approach will provide participants with the analytical, scientific and technical skills needed to apply creative solutions to issues relevant to activities in the Area.

Building on the exclusive body of expertise and experience of deep-seabed leaders, the Deep Dive e-learning programme is indispensable for those with established careers or aspirations in the emerging field of deep-sea-related research disciplines and those working in the context of the sustainable development of the ocean and its resources.

Programme overview

Deep Dive is the first and only e-learning experience exclusively devised by an intergovernmental institution to address all elements of the legal regime set out in Part XI of UNCLOS, the 1994 Agreement, and the rules, regulations and procedures adopted by ISA, covering technical and scientific aspects. The facilitated e-learning allows maximum flexibility with individual learning activities that participants can complete at their own pace, regardless of location.

The innovative modules and lessons, organized in three progressive learning pathways or “dives”, have been designed to increase awareness of the legal regime for activities in the Area and familiarize the participants with the governance structure, existing mechanisms and the way they contribute to the effective implementation of the legal regime for the Area and its resources.

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