SYMPOSIUM | Blue economy and the role of critical raw materials in the development of sustainable ocean economies: challenges, opportunities and innovations

14 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024

Rome, Italy



The Government of Italy, through the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, and ISA consider it important to promote science, technology and innovation as well as capacity development through collaboration and partnerships at national, regional and global levels inclusive of all stakeholders in the implementation of blue economy strategies for the development of sustainable blue economies.

Technical collaboration and voluntary knowledge exchanges as key mechanisms to foster innovative industrial competitiveness and promote new business opportunities have been recognised as key priorities in the Ministerial Declaration of the G7 Industry, Technology and Digital. In particular, under the Italian presidency, the G7 recently affirmed the importance of joining forces to promote effective cooperation with key partners from developing countries to encourage effective technology adoption among companies and robust technical collaboration amongst stakeholders across value chains.

The Italian government has further taken forward such goal by recently unveiling the Piano Mattei to unlock the role of green energy for economic development in the African region.

It is in such a context that the Government of Italy, invited ISA to coorganize, a symposium that would bringing together institutional actors, researchers, private companies and other interested stakeholders to discuss the relevance of deep seabed mineral resources for a carbon neutral future and sustainable blue economy and the technological solutions that allow to harness the mineral resources of the Area while minimizing environmental harm.