World Oceans Day 2021: Promoting global knowledge of deep-sea biodiversity for the benefit of humankind

8 Jun 2021


Join us for this year’s UN World Oceans Day webinar organized by the International Seabed Authority to celebrate deep-sea marine life and promote the sharing of knowledge about deep-sea biodiversity, for the benefit of humankind.World Oceans Day takes place on 8 June each year as a global celebration of the ocean, marine life and all ocean activities. It was first declared at the 1992 Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, with the aim to bring the ocean to the center of global discussions and policy decision-making processes, and to strengthen the voice of ocean and coastal constituencies worldwide. For the United Nations and its partners, World Oceans Day is a day for scientists, policy-makers and citizens to grow closer and interact around the key and emerging challenges our ocean faces today.

07:00-07:05am Opening remarks
The International Seabed Authority: A unique organization with a unique mandate
H.E. Mr. Michael Lodge, Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority
07:05-07:55am Video
The International Seabed Authority: Its role, functions and activities
07:55-08:00am Video
The International Seabed Authority’s message for World Ocean Day 2021
08:00-10:00am Webinar
ISA DeepData connects with IOC-UNESCO Ocean Biodiversity Information System, facilitating global access to deep-sea biodiversity dataModerator: Mr. Gordon Paterson, Member of ISA Legal and Technical Commission

Opening remarks

  • H.E. Mr. Michael Lodge, Secretary-General of ISA
  • H.E. Mr. Luis del Solar Dorrego, Permanent Representative of Argentina to ISA
  • Mr. Ariel Troisi, Chair, IOC-UNESCO

Deep-sea biodiversity data and information in ISA DeepData

  • Ms. Luciana Genio and Mr. Sheldon Carter, ISA Secretariat

Introduction to OBIS and its collaboration with ISA for enhancing global access to deep-sea biodiversity data

  • Mr. Ward Appeltans, OBIS-IOC/UNESCO

Panel discussion: Perspectives of data providers and data users on ISA and OBIS collaboration on biodiversity data

  • Ms. Samantha Smith, Global Sea Mineral Resources NV
  • Ms. Leigh Marsh, Nauru Ocean Resources Inc.
  • Ms. Tammy Horton, World Register of Marine Species
  • Ms. Hanieh Saeedi, Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum

Interactive session and Closing

→ Please complete our short survey if you are interested in engaging in the work of ISA in relation to promoting marine scientific research through enhanced availability and accessibility of deep-sea biodiversity data.

Creatures of the Deep

11:00-12:00pm The Deep Dive
Experience the deep sea through the lens of ISA contractors’ ROV’s cameras