March 2014

Stakeholder Responses
Name Entity
Peter Jamieson (Chairman) on behalf of Subsea Cable UK Private
Danish Cable Protection Committee (DKCPC) Private
Prof. Hjalmar Thiel and Dr. Gerd Schriever on behalf of BioLab Forschungsinstitut Private
Dr. Vincent Escaravage on behalf of the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Private
Dr. Eva Ramirez-Llodra (deep sea ecologist) Norwegian institute for Water Research Private
Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) Government
Kenya Ports Authority Government Department
Professor Les Watling, Department of Biology University of Hawaii at Mãnoa Private
Albert L. Bloomsbury, Law Office of Albert L. Bloomsbury, NY, US Private
Mr. Hiroe Takahara (President of DORD) ISA Contractor
International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) Private
UK’s National Oceanographic Centre (NOC): Stephen Hall & Dr. Jennifer Riley, NOC International & Strategic Partnerships Office; Alan Evans & Dr. Bramley Murton, NOC Marine Geoscience Group Non-departmental Government Body
Dr. Tomohiko Fukushima (Scientist), on behalf of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) Independent Administrative Agency
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) NGO
Ocean Mineral Singapore Pte Ltd Sponsored Entity
The French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) ISA Contractor
The United Republic of Tanzania Member State
Experts of the concerned federal administrations of the Kingdom of Belgium Government
UK Seabed Resources Ltd. (UKSRL) Contractor
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Member State
Government of the United Kingdom Member State
Marine Ecological Surveys Limited (UK) Private
Earthjustice NGO (Public International law firm in the US)
Hannah Lily (Legal Advisor) & Alison Swaddling (Environmental Adviser) on behalf of SPC-EU (SOPAC Division) Pacific Deep Sea Minerals Project Government
Deepsea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) NGO (70 worldwide)
Deep-Ocean Stewards Initiative (DOSI): Jeff Ardron, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Kristina Gjerde, Wycliffe Management and IUCN, Malcolm Clark, NIWA, New Zealand Lisa A. Levin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Kathryn Mengerink, Enviro NGO
Pro Private
International Mining & Dredging Holding Ltd Private
Prof Philip Weaver Dr Kevin Murphy and Dr Daniel Jones, Managing Impacts of Deep-sea Resource Exploitation Project (MIDAS) Consortium
Tonga Offshore Mining Limited (TOML) ISA Contractor
Republic of Korea Member State
Federal Republic of Germany Member State
IHC Merwede BV Private
Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) Private
Joint Nature Conservation Committee Statutory Advisor to Government of UK
Jeff Ardron, Pacific Marine Analysis & Research Association Private
Li Yuwei, Advisor, the Research and Consulting Center, Ministry of Land and Resources Private
Rajendra Shende (Chairman), Marie Bertrand & Charlotte Collin of Terre Policy Centre input for World Ocean Council Private Not for Profit Organisation
Blue Mining NGO
Stakeholder Survey of March 2014
Andreas Käde Individual