Draft Exploitation Regulations: Workshops


The following workshops directly related to the development of specific areas of the Exploitation Code were also held:

ISA Briefing Paper 4 Workshop on Mineral Exploitation in the Area (Singapore 16-17 June 2015).
Conference Report Workshop on the Deep Seabed Mining Payment Regime Workshop (San Diego, 17-18 May 2016)
Technical Study No.16 Workshop on Environmental Assessment and Management for Exploitation of Minerals in the Area (Surfer’s Paradise, 23-26 May 2016)
Report Workshop on Enhancing Stakeholder Participation and Transparency in the ISA Process (Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 16 July 2016)
Report Deep Seabed Mining - Payment Regime Workshop (PRW) #2, London 1-2 December 2016 
Report Workshop Towards and ISA Environmental Management Strategy for the Area (20-24 March 2017, Berlin, Germany)
Report Deep Seabed Mining - Payment Regime Workshop (PRW) #3, Singapore 19-21 April 2017
Report Workshop on the draft regulations for the exploitation of mineral resources in the Area: policy, legal and institutional considerations (London, 12-13 February 2018)