Kingston, Jamaica – 1 July 2024 – The International Seabed Authority (ISA) welcomed the opening of the Second Part of the 29th session of the Meeting of the Legal and Technical Commission (LTC), which will be held from 1 to 12 July 2024 in Kingston, Jamaica.

In welcoming the LTC members, the ISA Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. Michael W. Lodge, emphasized the key role the LTC, as a subsidiary organ of the Council, in the overall governance architecture of ISA.

During this session, the LTC will prioritize several key areas, including reviewing 30 annual reports submitted by 22 contractors.

Additionally, a major focus will be on finalizing and standardizing procedures for developing, approving, and reviewing Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs). The LTC is scheduled to hold a dedicated side event  during the meetings of the Council, on15 July 2024, to introduce  the latest work to member States and observers through open dialogue and direct exchange.

The LTC is also expected to continue its evaluation of the applications for a plan of work for exploration submitted in March 2024 by the Earth System Science Organization (ESSO) of the Ministry of Earth Sciences from the Government of India and discuss other standing agenda items.

The LTC is a body of experts nominated by Members of ISA and elected by the Council to serve in their individual capacities. Members were elected in 2022 for a five-year term starting in January 2023. This diverse assembly brings together 41 professionals from 41 different countries based on the principle of equitable geographical distribution and representation.

More information on the LTC meetings during the 29th session can be found here: The 29th Session of the International Seabed Authority 


About ISA

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is an autonomous intergovernmental organization mandated by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to manage the mineral resources of the seabed beyond national jurisdiction for the shared benefit of humankind. ISA is committed to the principle that all economic activities in the deep seabed, including deep-seabed mining, must be regulated and responsibly managed using the best available scientific evidence for the benefit of all nations of the world. ISA works to ensure that the voices of all States, including developing States and other stakeholders, are effectively heard in discussions around the sustainable development of the deep seabed.


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