Ambassador Maria Teresa Infante, National Director, Division of Frontiers and Limits, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid a courtesy call on the Secretary-General on Friday, 7 March 2014. She was accompanied by Ambassador  Eduardo Bonilla, Permanent Representative of Chile to the International Seabed Authority.

Since 1997, Ambassador Infante has been on secondment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs working for the defense of Chile in the “Maritime Dispute” case submitted by Peru to the International Court of Justice. 
In addition to diplomatic negotiations on integration, boundaries, international law and frontier cooperation policies,  Ambassador Infante has participated in research programs and carried out advisory functions with the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific, the United Nations Development Programme, and the National Commission for the Environment.

Ambassador Infante also serves as a Co-director of the Master’s program on International Law, Investment,  Trade and Arbitration which is offered jointly by the University of Heidelberg and the University of Chile.