As part of its training programme, in its contract signed on 14 January 2013, Global Sea Mineral Resources NV (GSR), is offering a training opportunity for one fellowship from a developing State.

According to the GSR Training Programme, the two-year “Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management” programme will be organized by the Faculty of Science of the Free University of Brussels, Antwerp University and Ghent University with GSR providing travel, accommodation and tuition costs.

The programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach integrating physical, chemical, geological, ecological and societal aspects and including nature conservation and sustainable development. 

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry and biotechnology, chemistry, geology, geography and geomatics, bio-engineer science or environmental sciences. For other Bachelors in science, applied science and life sciences, equivalency will be evaluated based on scientific competences and skills of the students. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years with good overall scores (at least upper second class or equivalent) from a university or recognized equivalent. Applicants need to provide a proof of sufficient knowledge of English. 

ISA member States are encouraged to nominate qualified candidates, who must be from developing countries, for the training programme and should give assurance that:

  1. All information supplied by the candidate is complete and correct;
  2. The candidate will be made available at the time and for the period required for the training;       
  3. The candidate will be placed on leave of absence with pay for the duration of the period of the training (if applicable);
  4. Upon successful completion of the training, the candidate will be appropriately employed in their professional capacity or in a related field; 
  5. The Authority accepts no responsibility for the medical and life insurance of the trainee or costs and any other responsibilities arising from injury, illness or death that may occur to the trainee during the training period.

Submission of nominations should be in one of the official languages of the Authority in electronic format to: and should be received by 20 December 2015.

 Nominations must be accompanied by: 

  • a Nomination Form [ docx | pdf ] completed by the nominating government or institution;
  • an Application Form [ docx | pdf ] completed by the candidate;
  • Proof of meeting the academic, and language requirements as well as two recommendations letters.