JAMAICA, Kingston, (14 September 2015) – – ISA is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified consultants or firms to conduct a general and systematic review of the manner in which the international regime of the Area has operated in practice.

Pursuant to Article 154 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the review will be carried out under the oversight of a Review Committee who will appoint consultants based on a qualified short list prepared by the ISA Secretary-General.

In order to obtain the necessary invitation and to access the appropriate tender documents, interested consultants or firms are requested to express their interest by completing the ISA.154.R.2 Form. The EOI Information sheet and the EOI flyer can also be downloaded for further clarification. 

The EOI remains valid until Friday 2 October, 2015.

All queries should be directed to the ISA’s Office of Legal Affairs using the details provided below.

Contact:    Mr Sainivalati S.Navoti, Senior Legal Officer
Tel:           +1 876 922-9105/9 Ext 242
Direct:       +1 876 656-9981
Mobile:      +1 876 324-5247
Fax:           +1 876 922-0195

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