JAMAICA, Kingston (3 November 2016) – –  The deadline for comments by members and all stakeholders to the initial working draft regulations and standard contract terms on exploitation for mineral resources in the Area has been extended to 25 November 2016.
The zero draft is the first step toward consolidating the views of the Authority’s stakeholder base following a number of stakeholder consultation initiatives in 2015, workshops and technical discussion papers issued by the Authority.

It represents the first phase in the development of a full suite of regulations that will include inter alia rules, regulations and procedures relating to environmental assessment and management, the setting up of a mining directorate and inspectorate and the equitable sharing of the receipts from mining activities.

At this stage the Commission is seeking the views and opinions on the content and structure (as opposed to any fine-tuning of the drafting language) of the working draft from the Authority’s stakeholder base. These views will be presented to the newly elected Commission in February 2017 together with a revised working draft. It is intended that the next Commission will formulate a clear methodology with regard to the elaboration of the Mining Code, timelines and stakeholder contribution in the regulatory content and drafting process in connection with regulatory development. 

Members of the Authority and stakeholders are invited to provide comments on the working draft. All comments should be sent to consultation@isa.org.jm