The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is seeking comments on the draft regional environmental management plan (REMP) for the area of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge with a focus on polymetallic sulphide deposits.

The draft REMP for the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge was prepared by ISA’s Legal and Technical Commission (LTC). It draws on the outcomes from three expert workshops (Poland in 2018, Portugal in 2019 and virtual in 2020) and comprehensive sets of scientific information and data.

During its meeting in March 2022, the LTC decided to release the draft REMP and supplementary material for stakeholder consultation. The LTC will consider the comments received through the consultation during its next meeting.

Stakeholders are invited to use the review template provided to submit their comments and to send it by e-mail to at their earliest convenience and no later than 3 June 2022.

Please note that the draft REMP is an unedited draft and provided for the limited purpose of stakeholder consultation and not for citation or other uses.

For more information about REMPs, please visit this page.

Should you have any questions regarding the review process, please contact