Experts attending the final review meeting of the geological model have agreed on a schedule of corrections/modifications to the model and the Prospector’s Guide to be completed by the end of October 2009.

The modification schedule includes the incorporation of reviewed changes followed by the necessary modifications to figures and tables of the geological model; preparation of a glossary of terms to be appended to the Prospector’s Guide, the reformatting of references, and a final review of the modifications by Professor Peter Halbach of Free University, Berlin and Dr Jim Hein of the US Geological Survey.

The Gological Model consists of a set of digital and hard copy maps and tables describing predicted metal content and abundance of deposits. along with associated error estimates. The models’s developers will provide complete documentation that describe the model testing procedures and algorithms used in producing final model results. The Prospector’s Guide examines all potential proxy data variables indentified as important indicators of metal content and abundance. specific data sets that qualify for use in the Geological Model and data information on all known nodule deposits in the CCZ.

The meeting was also advised that the Authority will schedule a workshop on the finalization of the Geological Model and Prospector’s Guide for 14-17 December 2009 at the ISA Headquarters.  Further announcements of the upcoming workshop will be available on this website in due course.

A similar geological model project will also be undertaken for the Central Indian Ocean. The first meeting with potential expert contributors will be convened in Goa, India on the 5-6 October 2009.