JAMAICA, Kingston (24 April 2017) – – Speaking at the First Session of the IHO Assembly, Secretary-General Michael Lodge said the ISA-IHO Cooperation Agreement provides optimal opportunities for mutual consultation, cross-sectoral cooperation, communication and exchange of information. 

“I am firmly convinced that the mandate, experience and field of current work of activities of the two organizations are of common interest”.

Secretary-General Lodge said the various activities of the Authority concerning marine scientific research were currently centered on the organization of workshops on different topics ranging from technical issues related to the minerals of the deep seabed to environmental matters and included promoting at-sea research and training through seminars and postgraduate courses for scientists from developing countries.

“The Authority’s mandate is to promote and encourage this research and to help ensure that the results are coordinated and disseminated for the benefit of all, particularly the developing countries.”

He said such a role created excellent opportunities for collaboration and partnership-building – when there is in place a legal structure which facilitates inter-agency cooperation, like the ISA-IHO Cooperation Agreement.

The IHO is the inter-governmental consultative and technical organization whose principal aim is to contribute to making navigation easier and safer throughout the world by improving nautical charts and publications.  

The 1st Session of the IHO Assembly will conclude on Friday 28 April 2017 with the election of a new Secretary-General of the IHO and two Directors, who will run and manage the IHO Secretariat for the next period between ordinary sessions of the Assembly which will be held every three years.

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