The International Seabed Authority is calling for nominations for six short-term training opportunities in 2013-2014 for suitable candidates from developing States provided by two ISA Contractors.

The ISA training programme is pursuant to the terms of contract for exploration for polymetallic sulphides between COMRA and the Authority and the terms of contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules between Tonga Offshore Mining Limited and the Authority,

Members of the Authority are invited to nominate up to two candidates for each training programme before the 30 June 2013 deadline. The candidates will then be selected by the Legal and Technical Commission in July 2013.

China OCean Mineral Resources R& D Association (COMRA) will sponsor four scientists from developing countries nominated by the Authority for on-board training on COMRA’s upcoming exploration cruise between January to March 2014.

Tonga Offshore Mining Limited who will sponsor two scientists from developing countries for on-board training on their cruise scheduled for either June to August or September to November 2013.

Visit the ISA training page for more information on the required qualifications, how to apply and download nomination and application forms.