The International Seabed Authority is calling for nominations for three short-term training opportunities in 2015 for suitable candidates from developing States provided by JOGMEC.

The at-sea training programme is pursuant to the terms of the contract for exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts between JOGMEC and the Authority.

Members of the Authority are invited to nominate candidates for the programme before the 15 June 2014 deadline. The candidates will then be selected by the Legal and Technical Commission in July 2014. Nominations received after that date will not be considered for this training programme, but will be taken into consideration for future training opportunities of this kind.

According to the training programme by JOGMEC, three places onboard a research vessel will be available for candidates from developing States to be selected by the Authority, between May and June in 2015 for duration of 40 days – 3 days for the pre-cruise training, 30 days for the at-sea training and 7 days for the post-cruise training.

The objectives and goals of the training programme are for the capacity building of trainees from developing States through on-board works and investigative techniques for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts, and to develop their skills for investigation, data analysis and interpretation.

JOGMEC will pay for a round-trip airline ticket (economy class), and provide local travel, meals and accommodations in Japan and on-board within the scope of the training programme, as well as travel insurance with medical coverage.


a) Hold a graduate degree in science or engineering in the relevant field of geology, geophysics, mineral processing, mining or have an equivalent educational background;
b) Have at least one year of work experience in the relevant field;
c) Have sufficient knowledge of English for daily conversation and training;
d) Have a good mental and physical health, suitable to work at sea;
e) Be less than 40 years of age; and
f) Have seagoing experience.

The trainees will be required to submit reports on the outcome of their training to the Authority and JOGMEC as well as sign a confidentiality agreement with JOGMEC.


Nominations must be accompanied by:

Nomination Form |docx | pdf | (to be completed by the nominating government)
Application Form |docx | pdf | (to be completed by the candidate)

Submission of nominations should be in one of the official languages of the Authority in electronic format to: