The International Seabed Authority – China Joint Training and Research Center (ISA-China JTRC) successfully closed its first training workshop, which focused on survey and assessment of mineral resources, characteristics of deep-sea ecosystems and environmental management, and the global repository of data from exploration activities in the Area.

The training took place virtually from 24 to 26 May 2022 and involved 55 participants from 20 countries, including 45 per cent of nationals from least developed countries, landlocked developing countries or small island developing States and 45 per cent of women.

“I attach particular importance to this training workshop as it has been designed to respond to capacity development needs identified by our members,” the Secretary-General of ISA, Mr. Michael W. Lodge, said when opening the workshop on 24 May. “It is my firm belief that, to ensure the fully integrated participation of developing States in activities in the Area at all levels, ISA Member States must be given the opportunity to access high-quality, transformative knowledge, learn with and from each other and apply their new understanding to real life scenarios in the Area and beyond.”

The JTRC was established in 2019 to promote capacity-building and the transfer of knowledge and technology to developing countries. In his opening remarks, the Vice Minister for Natural Resources of China, Mr. Wang Hong, said:  “In light of the complexities and challenges that remain with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding the first training workshop of the JTRC in an online format. This speaks volumes about the commitment and determination of the Chinese government and ISA to jointly promote capacity building and science and technology exchanges in the deep-sea field among developing countries.”

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