The ISA Endowment Fund is calling for applications for two training fellowships for qualified scientists from developing countries.

The two successful candidates will be funded to participate in the International Cooperative Study on the Hydrothermal System at Ultraslow Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR) to be carried out by the Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration of the Peoples Republic of China.

The objective of the training is to enhance research level of mid-ocean ridges and to participate in a international workshop to propose an international cooperative project on the geological model of the ultraslow spreading hydrotherm system at SWIR.

Three cooperative research fields will be provided for the candidates according to their academic background and research interests:

  • To conduct further processing and analysis of the existing geophysical data acquired in typical hydrothermal fields at SWIR and study the characteristics of such regionally geophysical field. The correlations of morphology, fault and magma supply characteristic of hydrothermal sulphide deposit will also be studied;
  • By means of the mineralogical and geochemical analysis, the characteristics of hydrothermal mineralization at ultraslow spreading SWIR will be discussed; and
  • To study the geological model of hydrothermal system at the ultraslow spreading SWIR.

For more details, download the Endowment Fund SWIR Flyer.

Interested applicants must fill in the Application Form available online. All applications must be submitted it via email to the International Seabed Authority at the following address:

The ISA Endowment Fund promotes and encourages the conduct of collaborative marine scientific research in the international seabed area by supporting the participation of qualified scientists and technical personnel from developing countries in marine scientific research programmes and activities; and by providing opportunities to these scientists to participate in relevant initiatives.