The Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has released a first draft of the High-Level Action Plan for the International Seabed Authority for the 2019-2023 period as well as draft Key Performance Indicators for public consultation on Friday 3 May 2019.

To facilitate submissions and comments, a list of general and specific questions has been prepared as a guide and can be accessed via the website:

At its twenty-fourth session, the ISA Assembly approved the Strategic Plan for the International Seabed Authority for the period 2019-2023. As the next step, the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to prepare a high-level action plan and to include key performance indicators for the next five years, taking into account available financial and human resources.

Written submissions and comments by ISA Member and Observers should be sent to not later than 31 May 2019.

For further questions:
Marie Bourrel-McKinnon, Senior Policy Officer – Special Assistant to the Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority, M: + 876 305-0866/ E: