Scientific experts began a 3-day final review meeting at ISA Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica from 7-9 September to review the Geological Model of polymetallic nodule deposit formation in the Clarion Clipperton Region. 

The experts attending the meeting are Dr. Charles Morgan of Planning Solutions Inc., Hawaii USA, Professor Huaiyang Zhou of the School of Ocean and Earth Science Tongji University, China; Dr. Ryszard Kotliński, Director General of InterOcean Metal, Poland; Professor Lindsay Parson of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and Professor Peter Halbach of Free University, Berlin and Dr.Vijay Kodagali of ISA.
The peer review of the Geological Model and the Prospector’s Guide documents was carried out by Professor Jim Hein  of the US Geological Survey and Professor Peter Halbach of Free University Berlin in Germany.

The experts will discuss these reviews prior to the finalisation of the Geological Model documents.