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The second part of the 26th Session of the Legal and Technical Commission (LTC) and the Finance Committee of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) opened online today. This is the first time ever, that the expert members of the technical bodies have met remotely.

The 30 members of the LTC will meet from 6 to 31 July 2020 to focus on, among other areas, consideration of an application for approval of a plan of work for exploration for polymetallic nodules in the international seabed area (the Area), and the development of Standards and Guidelines for activities in the Area, along with an evaluation of annual reports submitted by the contractors on their work in 2019.

The LTC will also consider a report on the study of the potential impact of mineral production from the Area on the economies of developing land-based producer States which are likely to be most seriously affected.

Key focus areas for the 15 members of the Finance Committee, which will meet from 6 to 10 July 2020, include the proposed budget for the financial period 2021–2022, and the rules, regulations and procedures on the equitable sharing of financial and other economic benefits derived from activities in the Area, along with other financial matters.

“In light of the current challenges associated with convening international meetings, the LTC and the Finance Committee have commenced their work remotely and if needed, members will continue to work inter-seasonally to ensure there is minimal disruption to the overall workflow of the 26th Session,” said ISA Secretary-General Mr. Michael W. Lodge.

Plenary meetings of the LTC and the Finance Committee are being held in webinar format.

The technical body meetings are being held ahead of the 26th Session of the Assembly and Part II of the Council meetings, which have been postponed due to COVID-19, and are re-scheduled to take place in a reduced format in Kingston, Jamaica from 7 to 16 October 2020.

More details on the October session will be announced in due course.

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