During its meeting held 8-12 July in Kingston, the Commission has selected 8 candidates for its Contractor Training Programmes.

At its meeting on 8 July 2013, the Commission appointed a subgroup from its membership to carry out an initial review and appraisal of the applications and to report back to the full Commission.

In selecting candidates, the Commission considered and applied the relative regulations, as well as the principles, policies, guidelines and procedures applicable to the training programmes.

The Commission recommended that up to 16 candidates be selected for the eight training places, in the event that the first-ranked candidates do not accept the training, or advise at short notice of their inability to take part.

The first-ranked and alternate candidates are:

  • China Ocean Mineral Resources R & D Association training programme
  1. Dieudonne Tchokona Seuwui (Cameroon)
  2. Gerald Mwila (Zambia)
  3. Tearinaki Tanielu (Kiribati)
  4. Analia Veronica Serra (Argentina)
  1. Apichai Kanchanapant (Thailand) 
  2. Tiena Rongo (Cook Islands)
  3. Apitida Wasuwatcharapong (Thailand)
  4. Robert Kibiwot (Kenya)
  • Tonga Offshore Mining Limited training programme
  1. Dody Darmawan (Indonesia)
  2. Paul Poloka (Papua New Guinea)
  1. Syed Waseem Haider (Pakistan)
  2. Benjamine Titus (Vanuatu)
  • Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of the Federal Republic of Germany training programme
  1. Khaled Sinoussy Mohamed (Egypt)
  2. Daniel Armando Pérez-Calderón (Mexico)
  1. Lei Qiu (China)
  2. Renee S. McDonald (Jamaica)