COMRA Training

JAMAICA, Kingston (6 March 2015) – – The ISA/China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (COMRA) recently selected four candidates from developing countries for its contractor training programme.

According to the programme, COMRA will provide on-land training opportunities for four trainees from developing countries in 2015, with two trainees for a Fellowship training programme, and two for an Engineering training programme.

The four successful applicants are Mr. Reinier Giralt Ortega (Cuba), and Mr. Taufan Wiguna (Indonesia) for the Fellowship training programme and Ms. Natia Chomakhidze (Georgia), and Mr. Prithivi Dass Bissessur (Mauritius) for the Engineering training programme.

Details of the training programme were circulated to members of the Authority in November 2014 inviting the nominations of candidates. A total of 93 applications from 34 countries were received.

In making its selection of candidates, the Authority’s Legal and Technical Commission designated a subgroup to review the applications. In the process, the subgroup considered the relevant regulations, as well as the principles, policies, and procedures applicable to the training programmes, particularly the recommendations for the guidance of contractors and sponsoring States relating to training programmes under plans of work for exploration.

The selection of candidates by the subgroup was based on the proposed qualifications of candidates by COMRA, particularly language proficiency, education, scientific research background or marine management work experience, potential career development of candidates, reasons for seeking training, expected benefit to their national countries as well as other merits embodied in the application and nomination forms. Subject to these considerations, due regard was also paid to the equitable geographical distribution and gender balance, in particular the interests and needs of the landlocked and geographically disadvantaged developing States, as requested by the Council in its decision made during the 20th Session.

During its meetings from 16-24 February,  the Legal and Technical Commission, after considering the work of the subgroup, recommended that the following candidates be chosen for the respective training programmes.
Fellowship training programme:

First-ranked candidates: 
Mr. Reinier Giralt Ortega (Cuba)           
Mr. Taufan Wiguna (Indonesia)                        

First alternate:
Ms. Natalia Amezcua Torres (Mexico)            

Other alternates:
Mr. Victor Lopes (Brazil) 
Mr. Md. Minhaj Monir (Bangladesh)
Mr. Mohamed AlyElsayedAly Hassan (Egypt)         

Engineering training programme:

First-ranked candidates: 
Ms. Natia Chomakhidze (Georgia)       
Mr. Prithivi Dass Bissessur (Mauritius)

First alternate:
Mr. Andriharizafy Rantosoa (Madagascar)                

Other alternates:
Mr. Dramane Traore (Mali)
Mr. Tris Handoyo (Indonesia)
Mr. Chinedu Okweze (Nigeria)
Mr. Mohammad Hossain Mahtab (Bangladesh)     
Mr. Afif Widaryanto (Indonesia)