Black Smoker Chimney

Tonga Offshore Mining Limited (TOML) together with Estrutura de Missão para a Extensão da Plataforma Continental (EMEPC) of Portugal have donated a black smoker chimney to the International Seabed Authority (ISA) Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica, ahead of ISA’s 25th Anniversary commemorative ceremony on 25 July 2019. 

Speaking on behalf of TOML, Mr. John Parianos said, “TOML’s parent company, Nautilus Minerals, is pleased to support the newly established ISA Gallery with this exceptional example of a rich metal grade polymetallic sulphide chimney collected using an ROV by TOML’s development team from about 1500m below sea level.” Mr. Parianos added, “TOML also thanks EMEPC for organising the final step and the delicate transportation of the chimney to ISA’s Headquarters in Kingston.”

ISA Secretary-General, Mr. Michael W. Lodge expressed his sincere appreciation for the gift presented by TOML and EMEPC. He emphasized that this contribution to the ISA Gallery will enable visitors and delegates to closely observe the geological formation that was collected at 1,553 meters deep in the Bismarck Sea – in the archipelagic waters of Papua New Guinea. 

“I wish to thank TOML and EMEPC for this impressive contribution to the ISA Gallery” said Mr. Lodge.  He added, “The black smoker chimney will certainly help delegates and visitors to better understand deep sea geology and mineral resources.”

The ISA Gallery will officially open at the Special 25th Anniversary Session of ISA in Kingston on 25th July 2019. ISA will also organize a series of commemorative activities during the year in the lead up to its anniversary on 16 November 2019.


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