JAMAICA, Kingston (21 February 2017) – – The Legal and Technical Commission officially opened its meeting session today following an informal workshop and training session held yesterday, 20 February 2017. 

The informal workshop was held to familiarize the new members with the working methods of the Commission, the work of the Authority, and also covered the work of the Commission over the last five years.

At today’s meeting, the Commission elected Mr. Christian Reichert from Germany as Chair and Ms. Michelle Walker from Jamaica as Vice-Chair. The Commission also adopted its agenda

The Commission is expected to discuss activities of the contractors; consider regulatory activities of the Authority; and other matters referred to the Commission by the Council of the Authority.

The February meeting is the first session of meetings for the Commission and ends 3 March 2017. The second session will take place the week immediately prior to the Authority’s annual session in 2017



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