JAMAICA, Kingston (11 February 2018) – – Science, technology and innovation are powerful and dynamic drivers of progress in our world, and are essential for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The role of Women and girls is central to this effort. Ensuring their ready and meaningful access to the possibilities it offers will be instrumental to the fullest participation of developing States in the global economy. 

Initiatives are underway at global, regional and national levels to facilitate the involvement of women in emerging sectors, such as deep-sea marine scientific research (oceanography, geochemistry, geophysics, seismology, and others). However, these efforts, while promising, are not sufficient, and a stronger push is needed. 

The International Seabed Authority, acutely aware of the great benefits to all of a stronger role for women in marine science, is committed to increase the participation of qualified women, and most particularly those from developing States, in all of its training programmes and other activities. #OceanAction15467



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