KINGSTON, JAMAICA,  1 November 2013 – – A sensitization seminar on Deep Sea Mining: Environmental, Legal and Technical Challenges will be held in Mexico from 11-12 November, 2013.
The seminar is a joint collaboration between the International Seabed Authority and the Government of Mexico and will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in Mexico City.
The seminar is aimed at increasing public awareness of the nature of mineral resources in marine areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction (“the Area”), and on the outer continental shelf; and providing information on the role of the International Seabed Authority  with regard to the protection of the marine environment from the harmful potential effects of deep seabed mining and reflects the increasing interest and associated concerns of ISA member States on the potential impacts of deep sea minerals exploration and mining.
Similar sensitization seminars have been held in Indonesia (2007), Brazil (2008), Nigeria (2009) and Spain (2010), Jamaica (2011) and in New York (2012).
For further information on the seminar, contact Sandor Mulsow (, and/or Ascencio Herrera, Alfonso (