JAMAICA, Kingston (19 March 2018) – –  On Monday 12 March 2018,  Ms. Michelle Walker of Jamaica was elected as Chair of the Legal and Technical Commission. She succeeds Mr. Christian Reichert of Germany. 

Ms. Walker is currently Head of the Legal Unit of the Jamaica Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and has been a member of the Commission for four years. She served as Vice-Chair in 2017.

The Commission began the first part of its 2018 24th Session meetings in Kingston from 12-23 March 2018. It will also meet for a second time from 2-13 July 2018.

The Commission is a body of experts nominated by member States and elected by the Council to serve in their individual capacity. The current Commission was elected in 2017 for a five-year term and consists of 30 members elected on the basis of personal qualifications relevant to the exploration, exploitation and processing of mineral resources, oceanography, economic and/or legal matters pertaining to ocean mining and related fields.

Members of the Legal & Technical Commission (March 2018)