JAMAICA, Kingston (9 July 2018) – –  On Monday 9 July 2018,  Mr Andrzej Przybycin of Poland was re-elected Chair of the Authority’s Finance Committee for the 24th Session.  Mr Ye Minn Thein of Myanmar was re-elected Vice Chair.

During its 9-12 July meeting, the Finance Committee will consider the Authority’s proposed budget for 2019-2020; the implementation of cost-saving measures; the rules, regulations and procedures of equitable sharing of financial and economic benefits derived from activities in the Area; the status of the two Voluntary Trust Funds and the Endowment Fund; and the review of the implementation of the budget and audited financial statements for 2017. 

The Committee consists of 15 members elected  for a five year term taking into account equitable geographical distribution among regional groups and representation of special interests and has a central role in the administration of the Authority’s financial and budgetary arrangements. 

All official documents of the ISA 24th Session are available on the online documents portal.


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