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JAMAICA, Kingston (30 May 2017) – – The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of the Federal Republic of Germany (BGR), in accordance with its exploration contract for polymetallic sulphides with the International Seabed Authority, is offering four (4) at-sea training places for candidates from developing States within its 2017 training programme.

The training programme aims to provide on-board and laboratory work and scientific techniques for exploration of polymetallic sulphides by developing investigative planning skills, on-board work experience and data analysis and interpretation skills. 

The programme is planned for 21 August to 13 October 2017, and will be conducted in three phases:

  1.  Pre-cruise training will consist of the planning of research activities and on-board works (3 days). 
  2. At-sea training will include rock, sediment, water and fauna sampling, handling and analysis of samples as well as research report writing. Vessel navigation techniques, the use of equipment (rosette water sampler, geophysical survey techniques, geological sampling instruments, seafloor observation techniques) and planning of surveys and selection of sampling sites will also be addressed. (54 days).

  3. Post-cruise training will be provided at BGR and in cooperation with German institutions specialized in marine geology, deep sea mineral resources. The training aims to give the trainees an introduction to detailed analytical treatment and experience of mineralogical and geochemical compositions and physical properties for sample material collected during exploration cruises. (4 weeks). 

For more information please visit the ISA/BGR Training web page.

Applications should be submitted by email, in one of the official languages of the Authority to by the 26 June 2017 deadline.


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