KINGSTON JAMAICA, 18 May 2011 – – The International Seabed Authority will hold elections for its Finance Committee during its 17th Session in July.

Nominations have been received from 15 countries as follows:

AUNG, Zaw Minn (Myanmar) 
ARMAS-PFIRTER, Frida Maria (Argentina)  
BAKANOV, Aleksey P. (Russian Federation) 
CHOUDHARY, Pradip K. (India)   
ELLIOT, Tricia (Jamaica)  
GRAZIANI, Francesca (Italy)  
KAVINA, Pavel (Czech Republic) 
LAKI, Duncan M. (Uganda) 
MYKLEBUST, Olav (Norway) 
SÉGURA, Serge (France) France
STORANI, Reinaldo (Brazil)  
WHOMERSLEY, Chris (United Kingdom) 
WILKENS, David C.M. (Germany)  
YAMANAKA, Shinichi (Japan)  
YAO, Jinsong (China)  

An Assembly document relating to the election of members of the Finance Committee and summaries of curricula vitae of these candidates will be issued in due course.