A sensitization seminar on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the work of the Authority and on marine mineral resources of the South  Atlantic Ocean, will be convened jointly by the ISA and the Nigerian Inter ministerial Standing Committee in Abuja, Nigeria between 24 and 26 March 2009.

In addition to sensitizing participants to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the institutions created under it, the seminar will also address the current state of development of deep seabed mineral resources with a focus on the mineral resources of the Equatorial and South Atlantic Ocean.

The seminar will hear presentations by experts on the process and status of the legal regimes established for recovery of these minerals, the types of minerals to be found in the Area, resource evaluation, the protection and preservation of the marine environment from prospecting, exploration and mining in the Area and the Authority’s endowment fund for the promotion and encouragement of marine scientific research in the Area.  It will also include presentations on Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas industry.

Late last year, at a similar sensitization seminar in Brazil, participants developed a proposal for collaborations by the states bordering the South and Equatorial Atlantic Ocean for increased research on the mineral resources in this part of the Area. The seminar will introduce this proposal as well as initiate discussions on possible collaborations to this end among the States of the region.

The seminar will be held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel located in the heart of the Nigerian capital- Abuja.

A Provisional Agenda with the list of speakers and titles of their presentations is now available.

For further information regarding the seminar please contact Messrs M. E. Egbadon /  A. C. Ojogbo or  Vijay Kodagali at their respective addresses below:

National maritime Authority Nigeria
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Federal Ministry of Environment, Housing and Urban Development 
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International Seabed Authority
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Senior Scientific Affairs Officer (Marine Geology)
International Seabed Authority
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