The Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) will organize a follow-up webinar to present the findings of the comparative analysis of the financial aspects of seabed mining and land-based mining, as well as the developments on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) financial model, as requested by the Council during its last meetings in February 2020.

The webinar will be held from 10am to 12pm (Kingston time) on 28 October 2020, via an online meeting platform and will be structured around a series of presentations by the consultants, along with an interactive session.

This webinar aims to:

  • Present participants with the outcomes of the comparative analysis and further refinement to the MIT model following comments received from stakeholders, to familiarize participants with findings of the different studies in anticipation of the fourth meeting of the Open Ended Working Group (OEWG), which will meet when circumstances allow in 2021.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to address questions to the presenters with regards to any conclusion of the comparative analysis and results on the refined financial model.

Whilst interactive, the webinar is convened for information purposes and is not intended to be neither a meeting of the Council nor a forum for negotiations as the negotiating process is occurring within the OEWG and the Council. Nor is the webinar intended to constitute a stakeholder consultation.

More information on the webinar is available on the event page. Members of ISA, as well as observers, and contractors are invited to register here as soon as possible, but no later than 23 October 2020 (12pm Kingston time).

For enquiries, please contact: Dr. Gwenaëlle Le Gurun, Legal Officer, ISA glegurun@isa.org.jm

For more information visit our website www.isa.org.jm or follow us on Twitter @ISBAHQ