On 12 May 2015, ISA/TOML elected the following candidats for at-sea training commencing 15 June 2015.

First-ranked candidates
Andriharizafy Rantosoa (Madagascar)
Victor Lopes (Brazil)

Chinedu Okweze (Nigeria



At-Sea training programme from June to August or from September to November 2013. The training will be for a duration of six weeks and will utilise multi-beam echo sounder survey and dredging. Mobilisation and de-mobilisation is expected to be either from Seattle or San Diego, USA.

Selected Candidates
[17 July 2013]:

  1. Dody Darmawan (Indonesia)
  2. Paul Poloka (Papua New Guinea)

Alternate Candidates
[should any of the above candidates be unable to participate]:

  1. Syed Waseem Haider (Pakistan)
  2. Benjamine Titus (Vanuatu)